The blind leading the blind

Humans are social animals. We face many problems that are too big for any one person to accomplish. As a result, we form groups to solve these problems. Once a team is formed, roles are needed for each individual. Without them, it is impossible to divide labor in any meaningful way. The most logical way to form roles is based on the strength and weaknesses of each team member.

This is much easier said than done. It takes a great deal of foresight and leadership to reach this optimum balance. More often than not, it seems like the most incompetent get put in positions of power. This is nowhere more apparent than in modern society. People today are deeply dissatisfied with leadership at every level in society, from their bosses at work to their national politicians.

The root of this problem comes from modernity’s core values. It values appearances and words over results and action. It values popularity over actual competency. Only those who appear the most confident are able to convince the masses that they are able to lead. The truly wise are in constant doubt of what they know. They know that they know nothing. When you are inexperienced, big problems appear small. You can only know the true size of any problem when you fully understand the smallest parts of it.

Every individual only has a very limited set of knowledge about reality. Even the smartest physicist knows next to nothing about almost every other subject. Ignorance is the natural state of all knowledge. Very few people actually understand what it takes to be a great leader. When everyone gets an equal say in who rules over them, it naturally follows that most leaders will be chosen for superficial and unimportant qualities.

This can only be overcome by silencing the ignorant and promoting the wise. We must start speaking truthfully about the limitations of everyone. The modern tendency to pander to self-esteem and inoffensiveness is in direct opposition to this. As a consequence, honesty takes a back seat. Reality is subverted. What people want rules over what actually is. People having the courage to call out idiocy is the first step towards a healthier society.


4 responses to “The blind leading the blind

  1. “Ignorance is the natural state of all knowledge.”

    That is a very powerful statement right there. One that is easily forgotten by many. Its easy to forget as one attains knowledge. It becomes a substitute for many a thought, but perhaps not a true feeling developed from within. This is partially why also…reading can be fruitless in many senses. In the wrong hands, knowledge can be just as bad as ignorance. Keeping your self in check with the reality of the above statement…constantly is so important. But not just reflecting on it… living it in a way. At times, your thoughts are only as good as the resulting actions demonstrate. Thoughts are a start though.

    Roles are a natural progression towards actions. In the animal kingdom…without such a thing, nature would not take its course. But it is in the limited capacity we have towards “defining” these roles where the trouble begins. People begin to limit others and ultimately themselves. It leads to shortsightedness and ultimately more ignorance. It can be a very destructive cycle. As is plain to see in the world around us. Roles have become “games” people jump in and out of to suit their own selfishness. They are nothing but veneers created for a short term fulfillment. In a small sense….this may even be how all natural roles begin to play out. Over time it solidifies a more permanent skin. I believe therein is where the chaos lies. That possibility of filling that role. The responsibility ultimately. Then there is also the innate nature to act certain ways. Not necessarily impulsively…but more naturally. It has all become very skewed. It has become too “greyed”.

    This is where truth and limitations come in. We are all programmed in some way or another differently in a sense. Each with our own special genetic markers towards certain defining characteristics. It is in the possibility of where this may lead…where it first becomes skewed. The creation of life itself, before life is a limitation right there. Everything that comes thereafter is a limitation of a limitation. Some persons do not care to admit that they are born that way…but are also makers of their own “switches”. They can affect those markers deeply. This may be an extreme personal opinion but I truly believe if someone wants deeply to change a certain way, it can even extend itself somewhat to these genetic markers.

    One must also not fool themselves into thinking they have ultimate or even most power. As you say…limited capacity to reality. That is a powerful thing to keep in mind. The power we have must also give up in order to get a sense of the true limitations. Its so easy to get caught up in the ignorance or the knowledge. Finding balance is truly a tough thing. Constant hard work. Everyone holds a great responsibility to themselves. That is really the beginning to anything. Calling out idiocy is fine and all…but most do not listen. They have been programmed not to. They have been limited from birth in some senses. Therefore, it follows that one should try to start with the self. There is an immediate sense there of solving a large part of the issue.

    Without the ignorance, perhaps none would actually be wise. They strangely may both carry their place in the world. It has just gotten way out of hand (balance).

    Wanting is your own limitation staring you in the face. It is when the wanting and the needing come together in the truest sense (within the truest self)…that you begin to see a truer picture perhaps. You begin to see the limitations in your very possibility and must recalibrate constantly to bridge that divide. There of course must always be catalysts…true catalysts coming from deep within to aid this process. This is adaptation in a sense, cyclical. No beginning, no end. Constant fight, constant feeling, holding on and letting go. Balance.

    • Knowledge turns into ignorance when it is incorrect. I believe the constant struggle you referring to is the impossibility of certainty. Some facts are eternal but they tend to be abstract. The abstract is useless if it cannot be applied to the concrete. Applying these eternal truths to “reality” is where uncertainty creeps in. One can know something at one point and it can change. One can see only one side of something and elaborate it into something it is not. Overcoming these limitations is one of the hardest tasks anyone can attempt.

      • Then, in a sense…what can truly be overcome? That is the question.

        Limitations hold their place of importance in the overall scheme…it all plays a role in balance. “Overcoming” one “limitation ” just shows you that there is a mountain of them on the other side. Haha. Its a never-ending cycle . Perhaps the way it is supposed to be, a never ending struggle.Its kind of overwhelming to think about at times. But when one truly begins to see the little power they actually have, its kind of peaceful in a way. We don’t have any “real” answers just theory on limitation and action thereafter. Its life “gambling” in a sense. Sure, there are some more “logical” ways to gamble but ultimately its all the same thing in sense. We don’t know which way the odds may go. One can “prepare” for the storm, yet not see that they are quickly sinking in quicksand. Its kind of mind-boggling. Ahh the mysteries of life…I wouldn’t want it any other way. No clear answers…lots of room for “theory” …and from there its a toss up. Life is numbers, its slightly a “game”…just how seriously you take this “game” and all the elements therein may say something.

        But, then again…chess is dead ;) along with most humanity…

        So maybe we are fooling ourselves period…on anything.

        How is that for some “realism”?

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