The farce of modern universities

A strong thirst for higher knowledge is a distinctly European trait.  The desire to learn and discover has been with us since the first priests of the neolithic era strived to learn mysteries from the gods.  It was with us during the first ruminations of philosophy in Greece and the first academies in Athens.  This tradition was carried on by our forebears all the way up to the foundation of the first universities in medieval Europe.

Nowhere is the destruction of European culture more apparent than in the modern university system.

Shortly after the last great war for Europe, a great change happened to education systems throughout every modern western society.  Universities started to admit hordes of students who would have been vastly unqualified a few generations before.

Suddenly, success came in the form of a a university diploma.  It promised a better employment and a higher social status.  Naturally, every parent was soon pushing their child to pursue a degree.

The demand for all of these new students immediately changed what higher education looked like. Universities that had been around for hundreds of years started to admit more students.  New universities started to pop up in each city in every country in the world.  Pointless new studies with no real application to the world were manufactured to accommodate the demand created by the masses of new students.

For a while, it seemed like this was working.  Productivity shot through the roof.  Now everyone could earn more money, have two cars, and live in a huge home. However, like any scam based on egalitarianism, it is falling apart.

Today, many young people struggle to find jobs despite following the promise of university education.  We’ve reached the point were we are handing a degree to just about anybody.  Is it any surprise that having a university degree isn’t as valuable as it once was?

As this becomes more and more apparent to the public at large, less and less people will send their children to universities.  All that will be left in the wake is a broken mess of once great schools.  Perhaps then, and no sooner, they will be rebuilt to their former glory.  Until then, let them wallow in self inflicted rot.